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Meet Our Tutor Time Staff – Ms. Esther, Infant Teacher

Meet Ms. Esther, infant teacher and safety captain at Tutor Time in Walnut, CA! She always loved kids, but didn’t realize early education was the career for her until she took a child development...
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Stop the Madness: Don’t Overschedule Your Child

These days, many children have schedules that could challenge most CEOs. Their days start early, end late, and are full of organized activities. Sports practices, music lessons, playdates, and...
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5 Fun Facts About Potatoes

Today is National Potato Day! After all, how could there not be a day dedicated to them? Here are 5 fun facts about these tasty tubers!
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11 Inspirational Quotes for Kids

Being a kid can be tough sometimes. These 11 quotes are perfect to share with kiddos to encourage them to keep working hard at school, to be kind, and to embrace their uniqueness! “Be silly, be...
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10 Ways You’re 110% Ready for Your Kids to Go Back to School

You memorized the layout of your local store’s “Back to School” section and know the optimal path to take. Your Pinterest accounted is full of beautiful school lunch masterpieces that...
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