Growing and Learning in K-Prep

Children are eager to explore, investigate and discover the world around them and a Tutor Time education can make a difference in how much they learn and grow.

K-Prep curriculum

Our kindergarten prep program is designed to give special attention to your child. We strive to create a small, safe and secure environment that will provide your child with a real sense of belonging.

The curriculum is aligned with — and exceeds — guidelines set forth by national accrediting associations and is based on extensive research and the theories of child development expert Howard Gardner. With our eight “smarts” from the Tutor Time LifeSmart curriculum supplementing the program, we encourage exploration and discovery.

In the classroom

Our classrooms include learning centers full of ways for kids to explore and investigate, and to build problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Low student-to-teacher ratios allow Tutor Time’s teachers to focus on individuals.
For more detailed information regarding care, safety and education in our Kindergarten Prep room, take the Virtual Tour.

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